August 23, 2016


The following 5 entities form the French consortium:

  • As financial contributor and signatory of the MIRI agreement, CNES controls the French human resources and budget needs according to the development of progress and schedules at JWST, MIRI and MIRIM levels. In case of technical difficulties, CNES provides expertise on specific topics through the involvement of CNES internal experts.
  • The CEA/SAp (CEA Saclay) is the MIRIM-OB prime contractor. The French Project Manager is the technical coordinator of space equipment development activities, leading the French laboratories and foreign laboratories involved in the MIRIM instrument.
  • OBSPM-LESIA (Observatoire de Meudon) develops and delivers the coronographic sub-system including the mounting interface frame bolted to the focal plane.
  • The IAS (Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale) defines the Optical Telescope simulator and calibration operations.
  • LAM (Laboratoire d'Astronomie de Marseille) runs mechanical tests of the different sub-systems of the development models.

Besides the direct French contribution, the MIRI Imager Optical Bench interfaces with other internal equipment developed by foreign laboratories:

  • the cryo-mechanism of the filter wheel (MPIA Heidelberg, Germany),
  • the optics mirrors and prism (CSL, Belgium),
  • the filters (Stockholm observatory, Sweden),

and external equipment:

  • the detector module (JPL, US).