December 25, 2021

[REPLAY] Webb launch success - VA 256

25 December, Ariane 5, operated by Arianespace, accomplished a flawless launch on its 112th flight from the Guiana Space Centre to orbit NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

Ariane 5 inserted Webb into a trajectory that will take it directly to its ultimate orbital destination at the L2 Lagrange point 1.5 million kilometres from Earth, which it will reach in 29 days. Fully deployed on arrival at L2, Webb will then switch on and test all its four instruments before being fully operational around June 2022.

webb/Miri launch (VA256)

  • Launch date: 25 December 2021
  • Launch location: Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana
  • Launch vehicle: Ariane 5
  • Orbit: Lagrange point 2, 1.5 million km from Earth

Follow the launch live / REPLAY


About webb/Miri

MIRI is an infrared instrument embarked on the space telescope James Webb. It will supply images in a range from 5 to 28 microns of wavelength.